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Delivery Area Pro for Foodomaa

4.93 (27 reviews)

Delivery Area Pro Module for geofencing the operational areas or your delivery location for stores. Watch the demo here


For a long time, Foodomaa™ has been using Radius-based listing of Stores/Restaurants. Radius-based listing of stores is a powerful method of showing the stores to the users who are serving within their reach.

But sometimes, the radius based approach doesn’t work with certain scenarios:

  • The terrain of your operational area.
  • Building/Road/Locality/City/Country wise restrictions.
  • Restriction to certain areas for a better opportunity for other stores/branches to serve.
  • Restrictions to a certain area due to political reasons.
  • Restrictions to a certain area due to Covid-19 Red Zones.

How does Delivery Area Pro Help?

With Delivery Area Pro you will be able to easily map the areas that your business will be serving. These areas can be then assigned to the stores.

27 reviews for Delivery Area Pro for Foodomaa

  1. bariqwani4u (verified owner)

    highly flexible module

    1 product
  2. btdmin (verified owner)

    BEST Support

    1 product
  3. Claudivam (verified owner)

    Alem de um excelente suporte a aplicação facil tem varios recusros via youtubes inclusive videos do proprio foodomaa, sobre instalações e programações.

    1 product
  4. Steventay (verified owner)

    My experience with the support team of Foodomaa has been overwhelming helpful with absolute professionalism. No regrets whatsoever into purchasing Foodomaa applications and modules. Many thanks to the support team and Mani of Foodomaa.

    1 product
  5. Neituo (verified owner)

    Code Quality

    1 product
  6. kkmax (verified owner)


    1 product
  7. Nikhiljainbrjn (verified owner)

    Amazing script and best support by author

    1 product
  8. frualapps (verified owner)

    buen complemento para foodoma

    1 product
  9. freefugga (verified owner)

    This module allows you to define the areas which you operate in, helping in managing the deliveries in a better way. Highly recommended!

    1 product
  10. thiagotinfo (verified owner)

    Tudo feito com muita qualidade. Parabéns para toda a equipe!

    1 product
  11. smsb2b (verified owner)

    Feature availability

    1 product
  12. BadBoyWINTER (verified owner)

    Design Quality

    1 product
  13. lan_kuria (verified owner)

    Code Quality

    1 product
  14. btolunay (verified owner)

    thank you customer support

    1 product
  15. globalgamingcm (verified owner)

    nice code

    1 product
  16. paulfos (verified owner)

    The issue has been fixed. Naysss!

    1 product
  17. gaganjosan420 (verified owner)

    Very useful, but missing few feature like minimum order amount and custom delivery charges for every area created with this module. I will give 5 star when these features will be added to it.

    1 product
  18. syedsohaibjamil (verified owner)

    This feature is one of the best because we need to skip some areas within the city. Great work guys

    1 product
  19. iLucasLP (verified owner)

    Code Quality

    1 product
  20. oskar321 (verified owner)

    It’s exactly what I was searching for:)

    1 product
  21. Muy buen trabajo… (verified owner)

    Muy buen trabajo…

    1 product
  22. danfehost (verified owner)

    Saurabh is the one who regularly take care of his clients.
    This module is the result, he has proved by creating this module for what we wanted !!
    DeJa Vu !!

    1 product
  23. gulfam (verified owner)

    Very nice and useful app. It helps define the exact locations that a restaurant can serve. Very useful especially in current pandemic situation.

    1 product
  24. netSystemas (verified owner)

    Excellent Module! It will take your Foodomaa application to another level. It will increase the possibilities of delivery areas. It will also allow you to create new business models. StackCanyon is always listening to its customers and creating fantastic things! Congratulations!!! I Love Foodomaa!!!

    1 product
  25. montecchi (verified owner)

    Feature Availability

    1 product
  26. bubloomani (verified owner)

    Awesome Product :)…Really worth to pay $49…Great…Very easy to install & the Flow of understanding is too easy. Documentation for the delivery module pro is too awesome. Enjoyed a Lot ..Running a Successful Business using Foodomaa 🙂

    1 product
  27. fama15 (verified owner)

    very good 🙂

    1 product
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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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