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1. We expect your website to be fully configured and in a working state with Foodomaa, if not, please configure all the settings on your website first and later purchase the Delivery Guy Android Application.

2. Your Fooodmaa version needs to be 3.4+ to be compatible with this app. Please ensure your website is updated before placing an order.

3. You have to provide an icon for the delivery guy application to differentiate between the customer app icon and the delivery app icon. The icon will be asked for during the checkout – Image Dimension: 512×512.

4. Your website’s main logo or in some cases, the favicon, will be used to create the Splash Screen Image. (If you need a custom Splash Screen image, which must be a PNG file with transparent background, kindly share it over Ticket or on WhatsApp mentioned below – Image Dimension: 512×512.

5. Once the payment is successful and the requirements are gathered, we will start working on building the application for you. After the process is started, a refund for this cannot be processed.

6. Source code for Delivery Guy Android Application cannot be provided at any cost with any type of license.

7. No code customization can be provided. If you wish to change package name, icons, splash screen, or push notification icons after we have started working on your application, you’ll be subjected to a charge of $10 USD (₹750).

8. The application development will be in the queue and will only be processed first come first serve basis. Generally, after the payment is processed and all the requirements are collected, the application delivery can take up to 24-48 hours.

9. You have to provide our representative Anydesk access, when they contact you, to set up the live location and non-stop notifications part for you. Currently, we do not have any documentation for the same.

By continuing to make the payment, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed above. Please do not proceed if you do not agree with any of the terms mentioned.

If you have any doubts or queries, please connect with support team at

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